Goodbye Google Reader

After closing the last work related tab on my browser the other day, I fired up Google Reader to catch up on some news and browse through the latest posts. Ironically, the first thing I saw was this: Google Kills Google Reader.

Now while I lament the passing of Google Reader (and there’s tons of good stuff on why (read here or watch here), I’m not here to complain. I’m fully aware that Google could not care less about how I feel about this.

But, If you’re as dependent on your RSS reader as I am, then what matters is finding a replacement.

  1. Feedly
  2. Prismatic
  3. MsgBoy
  4. The Old Reader
  5. Feedspot
  6. NetVibes
  7. NewsBlur
  8. Reeder

via LifeHacker and Twitter

Now while I’m typically a pretty cheap guy, Google Reader was used so frequently and was such an important part of my day that I am perfectly happy spending a few dollars to get a good solution.

My requirements:

1. Web based
2. List style feed
3. Seamless transfer from Google Reader
4. A team that seems they care enough about RSS that they’re not just going to up and quit. (God forbid I have to go through this again!)
5. Magazine style feed option (I subscribe to a few design feeds, and I like to browse through the images for inspiration from time to time)
6. Similar interface (Learn how to use something new? Ridiculous!)

The first one I found was Feedly. A quick search brought it up (they already had a blog post on it! Impressive), and I was already familiar with Feedly — I tried it out when I was looking for a free RSS reader on my phone (did I mention I’m a cheap bastard?). Turns out it actually works pretty well — looks better than Google Reader, they can do a list based feed and magazine style, their transfer from Google Reader was nice, plus it was on the web and free. It wasn’t perfect, but it checked the boxes.

The other one everyone was raving about on Twitter was Prismatic. So I logged in, created an account, poked around, and left. It looked nice, but I thought they were trying to do a bit too much. While others users might need a place to discover news, I just need something that will take my Google Reader feed. Prismatic gave me too much, and couldn’t figure out how to import in my Google Reader account. (to their credit, the founder responded to my complaint immediately and told me how — it’s actually pretty easy). Still, was a bit too much for me and I couldn’t replicate the feed to what I needed — organizing feed list style by folders and viewing by folder/subscription.

MsgBoy just didn’t work for me. The Old Reader wasn’t allowing any importing (due to to large amounts of traffic). I ended up really liking Feedspot and Netvibes as well (looked and felt just like Google Reader), but Feedly did too, and Feedly looked a bit better.

Now for the paid options — Newsblur and Reeder. I would love to have paid for Reeder. But I need it to be on the web! So regrettable, had to axe this one as well. And despite all the hype, just really didn’t like Newblur’s interface.

So, ultimately I’m settling for Feedly (for now!) Seems to fit all of the criteria above best, and they have a nice mobile app to top it off. It seems to be the easiest way to continue living in a post Google Reader world.

Damn you, Google. You selfish bastards.


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